Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The story of 3 eggs !

The story of 3 eggs!

It is a story to us ..but it is a fact to Silviu ,a 12 year old boy from Pauleasca(Arges),about 40 km away from Campulung.Vio sees Silviu and many other kids every Saturday.This past Saturday,Silviu eyes were shining in a strange way. Sunday (two days ago) was his birthday ..just listen why he had that kind of sparkle in his eyes a day before his birthday:
“ Tomorrow it is my birthday Vio and mom saved 3 eggs just for me ,to make me a birthday cake ." But his excitement was ruined..they are 8 kids in the family,mom no job,suffering of cancer....coming back from school they found no food.Two of his brothers –not knowing the real purpose of those eggs,saved with huge sacrifice ,came back from school,one ate 2 eggs ,another one 1.But there were still 6 more that wanted something for lunch .They started to visit their neighbors and ask for an egg to fry in the hope that one day they will give it back .So,Silviu’s dream of getting a birthday cake on his birthday was ruined… Hard to say who was more disappointed, Silviu or his mom seeing all this and not be able to help at all.But God loves Silviu,He wanted Silviu to get a birthday cake and on Sunday the cake was taken to his home. No movie could ever capture those feelings, those tears of joy and the excitement in the air of that house. .our prayer is that we continue to be more than just “teachers” to all the kids we work with.

In order to strengthen our relationship with some of them we will have a 2 days camp the first week of February .About 40% of kids are first time in the camp,each of them have been waiting for months so their turn will come and they could come in the Christian camp. We are both excited ,especially knowing where some of the kids come.2 of them come from a family with 17 kids ,they are from Negreni,a village Vio started to go to ,every Sunday, only few months ago. They all and us including have been saving for months to have funds for this event ,and this is how far we could go.Pray these 2 days will be “perfect” and that in spite of the shortage ,the power of God will be present ,at work in little lives.

Still believe in prayer?

We would love for kids to experience the power of prayer and help them believe in prayer and practice it .Therefore Vio will start the Kids Prayer group on the first week of February,in Rucar. Please help us in prayer so that the life of the ones attending ,will be changed and their growth will have a great impact on others, including their families.

Junior Youth challenge

Youth has been a challenge for many and now we would love to challenge the youth in Cotesti(about 20 minutes drive from us) and a Junior Youth challenge group will start there in few days .It is a two ways challenge, for the youth and for us ,but we are glad a youth group was asked to start in this village.

Book of hope

In the mission field we learned that every paper,pencil,or crayons could become a great tool to teach kids about God's love for the world!But when we come to Christmas it is one of the greatest opportunities to share His love.To increase the amount of the bible message given on Christmas ,each child that got shoe boxes,also got the Book of Hope,which was donated to us by wonderful friends!Some of the kids put aside the box ,so that they could read the message of the book.

Dany and Andrew

It is not only you that is anxious to hear about the adoption situation,we are too,but we have no news.Laws change from a day to another ,people are corupt,Satan has plans of destroying,but may we all remember the final WORD is HIS.

To Him be the glory for ever!

Glad to be in His and your team

Viorel and Estera

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